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This section is a few thoughts I have had that I would like to share with the world on my website.

My opinions on proposed internet censorship laws in the UK

There has been talk on internet forums such as 4chan and 8chan but not very much elsewhere about a upcomming internet censorship bill. The full contents of such can be found here. These proposed laws would require platforms such as discord, twitter or a fediverse instance to censor thier users. The bill is mainly focused at tackling private chatrooms on sites like facebook. (which you should not use in my opinion due to privacy concerns) The bill is a threat to free speech in my mind.


Why the dzuk blocklist is a threat to the fediverse.

So if anyone did not already know I use the fediverse more than twitter these days due to it being a decentralized and open source platform. Instances running software that uses the activity pub standard and the legacy GNU social standard can interconnect with each other.

Instances can block interaction with other instances whoever this was only ever meant to be used to prevent illegal content from getting on the instance. This is being abused to shutdown free speech on the fediverse and shows that they should have stayed on twitter. These blocklists also put people off who are not left wing authoritarians like dzuk from using the fediverse due to their behavior and general fascist behavior.


Linux and why I use it

I use linux for a number of reasons starting with the fact that Windows is closed source software. Closed source software for something like a operating system does not make sense, the code should be public so governments can't bribe companies into putting backdoors into their software.

Another reason I use linux and a arch linux based distro is the AUR is much easier than finding .exe files from the internet. Ubuntu and Debian also have the PPA system however this can also be a major pain in the ass.

Software updates on linux are also handled by a single application. Unlike on windows and yes I am aware that mac os x has something similar so don't email me about it


Why do people still use google when they do not need to So I will admit I did used to use and google and yes even did used to use their chrome browser. If you want to use a browser like that I recommend the de googled version of chromium. I recently started to get alot more interested in internet privacy after the UK passed the investigatory powers act and this was a massive wake up call to show that peoples privacy is at stake. The full text of the investigatory powers act can be found at this page. Google has been known to sore huge amounts of it's customers data that it does not need, it only keeps all of this information to sell you ads. This amount of information could be used by governments of oppressive countries to arrest people over something they have said on a google platform. This in it's self is a massive privacy risk. However this could also be used to spy on innocent people like you and myself Don't call me a googlethobe either, I like some google products like youtube, it's just some of the stuff they do can grind my gears.